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Blind Cow Lost Her Favorite Ball

Because Faith is blind, she can't always find her ball quickly. This ball means the WORLD to her so we make sure it's nearby and ready for her nuzzle.

By the time we rescued her from the dairy industry, she had conjunctivitis that had gone untreated, which caused her to lose her eyesight. But with us, Faith has found a forever home, the best care, friendship, a love for music, and comfort in her beloved giant bouncy ball.
She treats it like her adopted baby, rests her head on it, licks it like she’s giving it a bath, and sleeps with it. When she can’t find it, she cries for it and the other cows will bring it to her if we don't get to it first. We're so honored to give her the environment and love she deserves.

The Gentle Barn is a non profit animal sanctuary with locations in Los Angeles, CA, Nashville, TN, and St. Louis, MO. We rescue neglected and traumatized animals from all circumstances, we rehabilitate them, and when they're ready we partner with them to heal people with the same stories of trauma. We rescue cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, emus, llamas, donkeys, and more. Our mission is to show people the love and magic of animals by sharing their stories and how living a gentle life can help heal animals, humans, and the world.

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