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A new picture of the most controversial buck in history, the Mitch rompola buck, has been recently discovered. On November 13th, 1998, Mitch Rompola killed what would "allegedly" be the new world record typical, potentially overtaking the World Record Typical Milo Hanson Buck. The story took off like wildfire, but only a week after the initial information had come out, Mitch got an unlisted phone number and dropped out of sight. Rompola claimed that he had hunted the deer for three years prior to killing it, but could only produce two pictures of the deer for Gordon Whittington of North American Whitetail.

Mitch stopped answering calls from places like North American whitetail and field and stream and turned down 2 different offers of $10k to have the mount X-rayed and entered into B&C after having it scored by the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan. Mitch also signed a legal document from Milo Hansen’s business associate to stop calling the buck a new world record and never enter into B&C as long as Milo Hansen holds the record, all for no money in return. Mitch did have his own website for a while with pictures of other bucks he had taken in the area, but it has since been taken down.

A couple of locals from the area claimed that they saw and handled the rack, stating that it was real, including this recently discovered picture posted on December 8th to the Mitch Rompola Fan Club Facebook Group. Plenty of controversy surrounds this deer, and no one knows whether it is real or not. Be sure to check out the video on our channel for the full story and let us know in the comments what you think!

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